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Brooklyn’s Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

An organic, 6,000 square foot green roof in Brooklyn: Eagle Street Rooftop Farm is the nation's first commercial green roof vegetable farm with benefits that include fresh organic food with a super low carbon footprin...

Look Up! The Billion-Bug Highway You Can’t See

When British scientist Jason Chapman told us... there are 3 billion insects passing over your head in a summer month, he was talking about his survey in Great Britain. Closer to the equator, he says, the numbers shoul...

Andrew Zuckerman’s Bird

Though we’re familiar with Andrew Zuckerman's work — we've put together his Creature puzzle many times — this two year old Bird book promo video was new to us. It’s a great introduction to the ...

How small of a space can a Northern Goshawk fly through?

How small of a space can you fly through? This Northern Goshawk shows off its unique skills with a few lab tests filmed in ultra slooow-motion. (Updated video link.)

Bioluminescent Deep Sea Creatures

From fireflies to glow worms to deep sea creatures, bioluminescence is a big deal around our house, so we’re always on the hunt for a good light show. This video is composed of snips from the BBC’s Deep Bl...

A Black Swallowtail Butterfly comes out of its chrysalis

A Black Swallowtail Butterfly coming out of its chrysalis, time lapsed. Related: an excellent documentary set of videos capturing the Monarch Butterfly from caterpillar egg to butterfly, with narration… Egg hat...

Sand Bubbler Crabs Making Sediment Balls on an Australian Beach

Yep! It's a beach full of crab-made sand balls! From the BBC's Blue Planet, episode 3 Tidal Seas, watch some Sand Bubbler Crabs make sediment balls on a beach in Australia. From wikipedia: Sand bubbler crabs live ...

Palm Springs Tram Ride

Rising 8500 feet above the desert floor and into the scenic Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains on a tram in Palm Springs, California. Thanks, @mathowie.

Discovering A Second Species of Giant Manta Ray

Beautiful footage of giant manta rays in Mozambique, including an interview with conservation biologist Dr. Andrea Marshall, who has lived there since 2003.  Andrea’s world-leading manta ray research p...

A giant forest xylophone plays Bach in this Japanese commercial

It’s a forest xylophone! This is a Japanese commercial that the kid asked to watch three times in a row. The music played on the custom-made wooden keys of this beautiful instrument: Jesu,...

Fish (and bird) life in the Maldives

Fish (and bird) life in the Maldives. You may have to watch this one a few times to catch the action.

Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree

Written (and narrated) by Shel Silverstein, a ten minute animated short of a classic story: The Giving Tree, from OpenCulture: Back in 1964, Shel Silverstein wrote The Giving Tree, a widely loved children’s book writt...

The Water Cycle: A boogie woogie stop motion clay animation

The Water Cycle! This cute little stop motion piece about water in many of its forms was created by animator Emma Dougherty at StopMoGo, and was inspired by her time as a teacher. Also, it has great boogie woogie mus...

The Sound of Wood: From sapling to violin

The Sound of Wood: From sapling to violin. We wish there was a video like this for every musical instrument.

The “dance” of the Clark’s Grebes

From the BBC documentary Life, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, behold the “dance” of the Clark’s Grebes. The kid likes the end: a wee bit like synchronized swimming; a lot like walking on water. ...

Storytelling from the mountainside: Jimmy Chin on assignment

Follow photographer and mountain climber Jimmy Chin on assignment in Yosemite National Park as he climbs some huge and incredible rock faces. High in the sky, he'll shoot from every angle he can, capturing the art of ...

Whale Fall (After Life of a Whale)

"When a whale dies, the story has just begun." A beautiful paper-cutout puppet illustration of the different stages of how a whale decomposes, supporting the surrounding community of organisms for 50-75 year...

Landscapes – Exploring Arizona and Utah in time lapse

Landscapes: Volume Two — the second of three, with notes here — features stunning images of Arizona and Utah, including time lapse skies filled with stars. Via @brainpicker. 

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