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Acorn by Madeline Sharafian

Growing up isn't always easy. This is Acorn by Calarts student Madeline Sharafian. Sharafian previously animated one of our absolute favorite shorts – go watch it next: Omelette. via Kuriositas.

From seed to sapling – Time lapse of an oak tree

Over the course of eight months, Neil Bromhall filmed a sprouting acorn, one that he would eventually plant as an oak tree sapling in his garden: The acorn was collected in September and filmed in an underground s...

Studying the oak, caterpillar, great tit food chain

Winter moth caterpillars are the favorite food of great tit birds in England's Wytham Woods. Because of this, great tit parents time their breeding so that there are lots of caterpillars to feed their hungry hatchling...

The Anomalies: The Acorn Woodpecker

As their name implies, acorn woodpeckers rely heavily on acorns for sustenance. To make sure this seasonal resource remains available throughout the year, the birds build enormous “granaries” by drilling thousands of ...

The Crazy Cribs of Parasitic Wasps – Deep Look

These tiny wasps have a wonderful trick: they prompt oak trees to grow galls, abnormal plant tissue structures that shelter wasp eggs, by injecting a chemical under the tree's skin. If that was the end of the story...

Think Like a Tree – Problem solving with nature’s best ideas

Biomimicry -- imitating nature's best ideas in our design of materials, structures, and systems -- can provide huge leaps in our understanding when it comes to solving challenges. Example: How do we keep our buildings...

You’d Never Guess What an Acorn Woodpecker Eats – Deep Look

Acorn Woodpeckers eat insects, delicious sap, oak flowers full of pollen... and yes, acorns. They stock up on these bitter but dependable nuts from coast live oaks and California black oaks, storing them in tree trunk...

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