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Shattering glass with the World’s Largest Horn

How do horns amplify sound? Why are they flared at the ends? And how do airhorns work? Mark Rober wanted to find out so he spent eight months building a massive air horn... perhaps the world's largest horn. In this...

The Coupled Pendulum, a physics demonstration

See the simple laws of physics at work: Two pendulums swing on a string, transferring energy from one to the other and back again. This demonstration by MarkHacks, made with cardboard, screw hooks, tape, string, and t...

The Heart of Maker Faire, a community-inspired light installation

Within each of these jars, someone has written and enclosed a note about what is in their heart. The blinking lights, RGB LEDs that illuminate the sealed jars from below, are set to echo the heart rate of each note wr...

A home made string shooter & slow moving waves in rope

This string shooter uses two wheels on motors to push a string forward while a tube guides the string back through the wheels, creating a constant loop that appears to defy gravity and demonstrates wave phenomena. ...

Demo of the FloWave Ocean Simulator & the AMOEBA wave pool

Filmed by The School of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh, this is the FloWave Ocean Simulator, a 2.4 million liter (634,013 gallon) controllable research pool for testing devices and prototypes in wa...

A Briefer History of Time: How tech changes us in unexpected ways

Have you ever gone camping where you wake and sleep with the sun and moon? Have you played outside all morning, only coming in when you get hungry for lunch? What was life like before we could measure time? How have c...

Breaking a glass with sound

From Dara Ó Briain’s Science Club, watch as Professor Mark Miodownik finds the resonant frequency of a wine glass, as indicated by the small vibrating slip of paper balancing on the edge. When he cranks up the volume,...

F is for Frequency – Circuit Playground

Who better than a talking oscilloscope to explain what frequency is and why it's so important for radio and sound waves! Come learn with ADABOT in this episode of Circuit Playground: F is for Frequency.

Wave Pendulum – Citadel Physics

Get hypnotized by this wave pendulum… seriously, I can’t look away. A wave pendulum like this is built of equally weighted objects suspended by different (and carefully calculated) lengths of string. Released simul...

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