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Male Blue Manakins wait in line to impress a female

Taking turns with other suitors, male Blue Manakins seem to wait in a relatively polite line before briefly but repeatedly trying to impress their potential mate. Almost blending into the trees with her green feath...

Four-Toed Whiptail Lizard (Teius Teyou) – Planet Paraguay

Check out this bright green and blue Four-Toed Whiptail Lizard, Teius Teyou, a common animal in the grassy sands of Paraguay, South America. Biologist Dr Jonny Miller introduces the reptile, n...

The Red-Tailed Vanzosaur – Planet Paraguay

“How energetic can a severed tail be?” We’re about to find out: This is the Red-Tailed Vanzosaur, a lizard with stripes and brilliantly colored tail. Dr. Jonny Miller, UK biologist based in Paragua...

The spectacular common potoo – Planet Paraguay

Watch Biologist Dr Jonny Miller introduce the spectacular common potoo. It’s brown, blends in, and doesn’t move much… so why is it so spectacular? Exactly for those reasons. The common potoo is a c...

Landfill Harmonic: A youth orchestra of upcycled instruments

Cateura, Paraguay’s residents live on top of a landfill that gets 1,500 tons of solid waste each day, exposing the impoverished communities to unhealthy conditions. Most of the town works in the dump as recyc...

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