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Stephen Hawking explains black holes in 90 seconds

What are black holes? What's happening inside of them? You can't tell from the outside... but could you travel through one to find out? From his BBC Reith Lecture and animated by Aardman Studios for BBCRadio4, British...

NEBULAE – a cosmic meditation

Be sure to full screen this 10m42s computer-generated nebula by Teun van der Zalm, who creates 3D nebulae visualizations built from particle physics for VR games, visual effects films, and fulldome planetarium shows. ...

How to Design a Particle Accelerator

What is a particle accelerator and how would you go about designing one? We've heard of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, but what of the tens of thousands of other accelerators being used in science and medicine? ...

The Beautiful Relationship Between Physics and Jazz

How is physics like jazz? How is John Coltrane like Albert Einstein? Ask theoretical physicist Stephon Alexander. He sees strong connections between the improvisational nature of jazz and the pursuit of understanding ...

DIY Cloud Chamber – How to build your own particle detector

There's an easy way to build a particle detector for around $40. Yes, you can make your own particle detector to see invisible cosmic rays from space. In this video from US LHC at CERN -- LHC stands for Large Hadr...

The beginning of the universe, for beginners – TED Ed

Today, TEDxCERN and TED-Ed have unveiled the first of 5 animated lessons specially developed by CERN scientists for TEDxCERN and brought to life by the talented animators at TED-Ed: “The begi...

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