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Fireflies sparkle in a Pennsylvania field at dusk

Found all over the globe, fireflies or lightning bugs are winged beetles that emerge in warm, humid weather. Though their signature bioluminescent flashes are actually complex communications, the effect can create a m...

How Does It Grow? Potatoes

Potatoes are stem tubers, nutrient underground storage organs for the nightshade Solanum tuberosum L. Domesticated around 7,000–10,000 years ago in Peru and Bolivia, potatoes are now the fourth most-farmed crop on Ear...

The Wanamaker Organ – The world’s largest musical instrument

A Philadelphia treasure, get a glimpse inside The Wanamaker Organ, a 7-story-high, 287 ton, 28,677 pipe instrument located inside the Macy’s (formerly Wanamaker's) at 13th and Market. The pipe organ is the world's lar...

1,000 bloom chrysanthemum: The largest in the western world

This 2011 video from Kennett Square, Pennsylvania's Longwood Gardens goes behind-the-scenes to show how one fosters the growth of a Chrysanthemum plant with over 1,000 blooms. Senior gardener and chrysanthemum special...

Midget Motor Mania!

Midget Motor Mania! With some history from Jalopy Journal:  Great pre-war tether car footage brought to you via Newsreel (as shown at the front of movies in the theater) from October of 1940. At this fairly early...

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