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A New Republic: The portrait work of artist Kehinde Wiley

Blending and contrasting contemporary clothes and objects with ornate fabrics, lush plant life, detailed patterns, and bold colors that reference earlier eras of art history, Kehinde Wiley's heroic portraits are large...

Portrait of Innovation: James Conway Farley

Born to enslaved parents in Prince Edward County, Virginia on August 10, 1854, James Conway Farley became the country's first prominent African American photographer, winning awards for his work, as well as enduring t...

The Face From Space: WISH, an 11 acre portrait of a girl

Made by Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada for the Ulster Bank Belfast International Festival in Belfast, Ireland, this is WISH, an 11 acre portrait of a girl. It’s been nick...

The Fine Art of Coffee Portraiture

From Tumblr’s Storyboard blog: The Fine Art of Portraiture… in coffee.  Meet Mike Breach, barista extraordinaire, who “paints” everything — and everyone — into his lattes. “I’m an esspressi...

Maarten Koopman animates six famous paintings

Filmmaker Maarten Koopman's animated series of famous paintings, imagined piece by piece from some new perspectives. Shown: Pieter Bruegel’s The Tower of Babel, Vincent van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles, Salvad...

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