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A spotty baby Malayan tapir at the Prague Zoo

This Malayan tapir, born in October, 2015, hangs out with mom Indah at the Prague Zoo. The calf is the first Malayan tapir born in Prague in 40 years, a zoo milestone for this endangered species. From Zooborns: Ma...

The physics of ‘skydiving’ wind tunnel acrobats

In a vertical wind tunnel that's blowing air upward at 270 km/h (168 mph), four 'skydiving' acrobats perform a twisting, turning flying routine without ever colliding into each other. How do they perform epic looking ...

Franz Liszt’s La Campanella played on a glass harp

In the streets of Prague in the Czech Republic, Petr Spatina plays a beautiful version of Franz Liszt's La Campanella (The Bell) from Grandes études de Paganini, six artistic and technical piano pieces based on Nicolò...

A helicopter bicycle prototype test flight in Prague

Human-powered helicopters, thought-controlled helicopters, and now helicopter-bicycles! From PopSci:  The helicopter-bike is a prototype developed by a team of three Czech companies, which just took it for a five-...

Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah on a Glass Harp

Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah on a glass harp — crystal glasses filled with different amounts of water — played beautifully by a street musician in Prague. You can see and hear more of his work here an...

Wind tunnel choreography in Skydive Arena

Four skydivers perform a choreographed dance while flying in the Skydive Arena wind tunnel in Prague, Czech Republic. But how? Practice. Here’s another video with a lesson in action: There's more skyd...

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