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The most amazing thing about domino chain reactions

A domino can knock over the next domino at about 1.5x larger (perhaps 2x larger) and this instant video classic from 2009 is a great example of this chain reaction. Watch University of Toronto’s Professor Steph...

Picking up NASA’s 2,200 degree thermal tiles with bare hands

Recorded on a Kennedy Space Center tour before the launch of the last Space Shuttle mission (Atlantis), watch tour attendees pick up NASA’s 2,200 degree thermal tiles — specially designed, coated LI-900 c...

Andy Ruina’s 22-pound, four-legged bi-ped robot named Ranger

After a friend tweeted about a research page full of passive motion robotics videos by Andy Ruina, Professor of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics at Cornell and of bicycle physics paper fame (...

Solar Cells – Material Marvels with Ainissa Ramirez

Science Evangelist and Former Associate Professor of Materials Science at Yale University, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez, explains how sandwiches of silicon (in solar cells) can create energy from sunlight. The sun? Elements...

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