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The Robotic Voice Activated Word Kicking Machine

The Robotic Voice Activated Word Kicking Machine is a surreal exploration of language and our strange relationship with talking to machines, from customer service bots to "intelligent assistants". It combines projecti...

Being in the video game with Augmented Climbing

If you've ever gone indoor rock climbing, you might have been trying to climb up the wall. When you go augmented climbing, the goal is a bit different, as seen in the commercial above... Have you ever wanted to be in ...

Le Petit Chef – Projection mapping with mini dinner animations

A table of four friends has ordered dinner, and look! It's already being served... by a miniature chef? He's catching the meal from a sea that's precisely mapped onto the tablecloth. This is Le Petit Chef - Bouillabai...

Bioluminescent forest: Nature reimagined with projection mapping

How might you imagine small forest creatures and plants looking if they were bioluminescent? Which animals and plants would you pick to glow, and what patterns and colors would you design for them? Artists Friedri...

Urban Flipper at Place des Célestins: Fête des Lumiere 2011

If you want to play pinball on the side of a building, contact the team (Carol Martin and Thibaut Berbezier) that did it on the facade of the Célestins Theater in Lyon, France for Fête des Lumière...

The LightLine of Gotham: 3D projection mapping in NYC

Light Lining is a 3D projection mapping technique that UK-based arts and tech studio Seeper has been showcasing around the globe. Some of their projects are interactive, while others, like th...

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