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Pattern distortions seen through a glass of water

Try this classic trick at home with different shaped glasses (which shapes the water within them) and a few patterned backgrounds. As you look through the glass, you'll see the background pattern shift. Why? As the li...

How do eyes work & how do glasses help us see?

Glass, water, and the eye are three different transparent mediums that change the direction of light, a phenomenon called refraction. Refraction in the eye helps us see by bending light into an accurately focused poin...

LENSES, an interactive light & sound installation by Hush Studios

Lenses by Hush Studios, an interactive light and sound installation that transforms as prisms bend and refract light in different ways... just move and twist them on the wall surface. The composition is "then read by ...

How the Baccarat crystal studio makes a blown crystal chandelier

Made from melted silica sand, potash, lead (over 24%), and other ingredients, crystal is heavier and more sparkly than glass, making it a perfect material for this light refracting decorative ceiling lamp: The chandel...

The Reversing Arrow Illusion: An amazing & easy trick for all ages

We just tried this super easy Reversing Arrow Illusion, and it is, in fact, super easy. Draw two left-pointing arrows on a piece of paper and then put a clear, empty glass between you and thos...

How to make a Moser Lamp: 60 watts of free, natural light

In 2002, Brazilian engineer Alfredo Moser invented a simple way to bring the sun’s light indoors: fill a clear plastic 2 liter bottle with water and two capfuls of bleach, then make a hole in the roof and secure it wi...

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