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Falcon Heavy & Starman, a montage of SpaceX’s historic test flight

On February 6, 2018, SpaceX successfully launched a heavy-lift rocket called Falcon Heavy, making it "the world's most powerful booster since NASA's Saturn V." For dummy payload, a Tesla Roadster belonging to SpaceX f...

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 crashes & landings – Flights 14, 17, 20, & 23

After completing the launch of a cargo resupply mission to ISS for NASA, SpaceX attempted landing their Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship. This April 14th Flight 17 video captures their second landing attempt on a float...

SpaceX’s Grasshopper hover and landing (October 2013)

We watched the June 2013 Grasshopper test when it reached 325m, but this most recent SpaceX vertical takeoff vertical landing (VTVL) vehicle test more than doubled that height, and the close-up ...

SpaceX’s Grasshopper hover and landing (June 2013)

Full screen, volume up! This is SpaceX’s Grasshopper on June 14, 2013, using its state of navigation capabilities to execute a precision hover and landing sequence:  Grasshopper is a...

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