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Life With Snow: Clearing a rooftop full of snow in the Japanese Alps

Heavy snowfall (yuki oroshi or 雪下ろし) is common in Japan's snow country, a section of Honshū along the Sea of Japan and into the Japanese Alps. In snowy Nagano Prefecture, circa March of 2013, Seiji Yamada and Taku...

Do Cities Need More Green Roofs?

Green roofs or living roofs are different types of gardens that are created on the tops of buildings to help manage stormwater, improve air quality, help cool city temperatures, insulate the building, create park spac...

The White Roof Project

"Rooftops in the summer are hot. Cooling down buildings wastes energy. Solution: Painting roofs with energy saving white reflective paint." The White Roof Project is a nonprofit dedicated to curbing clima...

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