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How To Needle Felt a Fox

Needle felting can be a fun way to create small stuffed animals with different colors of wool yarn roving. Add some pipe cleaners, some small felt clothes, a few stitches for eyes and a nose, and some practice, you ca...

How traditional Chinese cloth shoes are made

Based in the city of Mianyang in China's Sichuan Province, vlogger Li Ziqi 李子柒 has cultivated a following of almost seven million people on the popular microblogging website Weibo. Her videos, also found on YouTube...

Making a new felted kimono coat from recycled sweaters

What if every company we buy clothes from offered to take back those clothes and reuse the materials to create new garments? This Cooper Hewitt video captures the creation of a felted Kimono Coat made from recycled Ei...

Embroidered zoetrope animations by Elliot Schultz

As a Digital Art Major at the Australian National University, Elliot Schultz experimented with and produced embroidered zoetrope animations. Get a behind-the-scenes look here. Discs were created with animated seque...

Shylights: Blooming silk light sculptures at the Rijksmuseum

Made with silk, aluminum, polished stainless steel, LED's, and iPhone/iPad-controlled robotics, Shylights by Studio Drift mimic the natural world with their graceful metamorphosis. Watch as they fall 30 feet (9 meters...

Inside a Wilson Football Factory: How a NFL football is made

When Jane Helser started sewing around 150 handmade footballs per day at the Wilson Sporting Goods factory in Ada, Ohio, it was 1966. She was 19 years old. For the next 48 years, as presidents, football players and...

Samantha Bryan’s handmade fairies & flying contraptions

In a world influenced by Victorian-styled flying contraptions and gadgetry, these little handmade fairies appear to have adventures worthy of a stop motion film. Mixed media sculptor Samantha Bryan of West Yorkshire, ...

How to make a hot air balloon – At Bristol

What is a hot air balloon made of and how are they made? Find out as At-Bristol Science Centre's Ross Exton visits Cameron Balloons, one of the world's oldest hot air balloon manufacturers, to learn more about the mat...

British Pathé: Cricket Balls (1956)

From the amazing British Pathé video archives, Cricket Balls (1956).

Stitching an Artisanal American Football

This is how a football is stitched and laced by hand, as demonstrated in 2011 by LemonBall and Leather Head Sports founder Paul Cunningham, courtesy of director Pascal Perich and Etsy. Cunnin...

How It’s Made: Baseballs

Using league standards that date back to 1872, this is How It’s Made: Baseballs. Watch more sports videos and more videos about handmade things. via Kottke.

Papa Cloudy by Akiko McQuerrey

Enjoy the wonderful stop-motion adventures of Papa Cloudy, created by Brooklyn-based Akiko McQuerrey.

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