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Why isn’t the world covered in poop?

Each day, the animal kingdom produces roughly enough poop to match the volume of water pouring over Victoria Falls. So why isn’t the planet covered in the stuff? You can thank the humble dung beetle for eating up the ...

How woolly sweaters are made

It's time for the sheep to take off her woolly coat, so we can wash it, card it, spin it, knit it, and wear it! Enjoy this excellent video from The Magic of Making, a journey from sheep shearing to the sweater shop...

Andrew Fox’s Calligraphy Animals Animated

In 2014, illustrator Andrew Fox published a series of minimal calligraphy animals that were drawn with his Pilot Parallel pen. In 2017, Fox worked with London-based animator Steve Kirby to create Calligraphy Animals A...

The science of milk

Milk is poured into cereal. We might want milk for our cookies or hot chocolate. We can use milk to bake. It's usually in our cheeses, butters, and ice creams. Milk is often the first thing we drink as newborn babies....

The Big Cloth (An Clò-Mòr): Weaving Harris Tweed

On the Island of Harris and Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, over 170 freelance weavers weave Harris Tweed. It's the only cloth protected by an Act of Parliament, the Harris Tweed Act 1993, which states that to ...

A Sketchy History Of Pencil Lead

When fifth-graders at Green Acres Elementary in Lebanon, Oregon asked the NPR Skunk Bear team how pencil lead was made, they looked into it... way into it. From the start of the universe (with a shout out to Carl Saga...

Hundreds of sheep move across New Zealand’s grasslands

Aerial photographer Tim Whittaker recently captured hundreds, perhaps thousands, of sheep as they were herded from one paddock to the next in Rangitikei, New Zealand. Watch from a drone's eye view as the sheep react i...

Alla Kinda: Manolito’s Dream

From Barcelona animation studio Alla Kinda, journey into a subconscious world of hungry wolves and turnip-headed aliens in Manolito's Dream.

Shaggy Lawn Mowers – Paris’ Eco-Friendly Park Lawn Maintenance

Shaggy Lawn Mowers - Paris Tries an Eco-Friendly Way of Maintaining Park Lawns… the New York Times reports on a sustainable idea: Mayor Bertrand Delanoë has made the environment a priority since his election ...

What’s the difference between horns and antlers?

What’s the difference between horns and antlers? The Brain Scoop's Emily Graslie explains.

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