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A Few Things to Know About American Sign Language

What might people who use American Sign Language (ASL) want people who don't use it to better understand? DT Bruno, Kallissa Bailey, Ardavan Guity, Leyland Lyken, and Felicia Williams answer that question in this vide...

A Tour of the White House’s West Wing in Sign Language

Leah Katz-Hernandez is the West Wing Receptionist and her job is to welcome everyday Americans and world leaders alike to the West Wing, the Executive Office Building where the President of the United States' offices ...

ASIMO, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot (2014)

The world's most advanced humanoid robot can run smoothly at a record 9kph (5.6mph), recognizes faces and voices, shakes hands, has incredible balance -- can jump, hop, climb stairs, kick soccer balls, pour drinks wit...

Signing Alphabet (1977) – Sesame Street

From the early Sesame Street days, composer Joan La Barbara's Signing Alphabet (1977).

How to Fingerspelling in American Sign Language

A no fuss video illustration for learning how to fingerspell in American Sign Language. Watch more videos about sign language on this site.

Two year old Ava & her mum talk over dinner in sign language

24 month old Ava and her mum Lilli enjoy some very cute dinner conversation in British sign language (BSL). Both mom and daughter are deaf, and because her parents already knew how to sign wh...

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