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Slow motion lightning over South Dakota at 2,000 fps

From ZT Research's Tom A. Warner, watch this high speed video of lightning, filmed during a storm over South Dakota: My daughter got some nice high-speed camera captures of lightning while I drove. We chased a s...

Changing a light bulb at the top of a 1500 foot TV tower

Another day at work: climbing 1500 feet (457 meters) high over the South Dakota plains while being filmed by a quadcopter. Tower climber Kevin Schmidt shows us what it takes to change a lightbulb on the top of a telev...

Stormscapes – A time lapse of storm clouds & mesocyclones

Shot in Wyoming and South Dakota by photographer Nicolaus Wegner in the summer of 2013, this video for National Geographic is an incredible look into the thunderstorms and mesocyclones -- powerful vortexes of air wit...

Exploring Badlands National Park

Animals in South Dakota’s 244,000 protected acres of Badlands National Park include 39 mammal species, 9 reptile species, 6 amphibian species, 206 bird species, and 69 butterfly species....

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