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Scallops have lots of tiny eyes that act like tiny telescopes

Things you may not know about the marine bivalve molluscs called Pectinidae or scallops, as seen in the Hakai Institute video above: 1. They can swim freely for short distances to escape predators or relocate them...

The Art Of Making Noodles By Hand: Peter Song and Shuichi Kotani

Throwing, twisting, stretching, pulling, multiplying. In the first half of this Tasty video, Kung Fu Kitchen's noodle master Peter Song demonstrates how he handmakes his restaurants' famous noodles: Hand-making pr...

Mathematical Present Wrapping with Katie Steckles

When you're wrapping a variety of shapes, it can be a challenge to wrap them neatly, but with a bit of measuring, thoughtful folding, and practice, your cuboid, pentahedron or equilateral triangular prism, cylinder, o...

Fold & Cut Theorem – Cut any shape from only one cut

Can you cut a square from the center of a piece of paper with just one straight cut? Spoiler: YES, you can. In this Numberphile video, Manchester-based mathematician Dr. Katie Steckles demonstrates an idea that dates ...

Classic Sesame Street: Changing shapes

A Sesame Street classic: Circle to square to triangle to rectangle… but don’t stop there! Watch more videos about shapes and, of course, more Sesame Street.

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