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Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter played on a glass harp in Italy

Listen to the glass harp stylings of a street performer in Venice, Italy playing Hedwig's Theme, the main theme song from the Harry Potter movie soundtracks. While touring the Italian city on vacation, Hashem Al-Ghail...

Contact juggling with street music

Watch this young Switzerland-based performer and contact juggler in an impromptu sidewalk performance with an upright bassist and an accordionist. This kind of contact juggling is a style of object manipulation that m...

Franz Liszt’s La Campanella played on a glass harp

In the streets of Prague in the Czech Republic, Petr Spatina plays a beautiful version of Franz Liszt's La Campanella (The Bell) from Grandes études de Paganini, six artistic and technical piano pieces based on Nicolò...

Ricky Syers and his handmade marionette of Doris Diether

Meet longtime Greenwich Village resident, painter, actress, and housing rights activist Doris Diether, and street performer, artist, and puppeteer Ricky Syers. Syers makes marionettes that are the spitting image of pe...

Street performer Isaac Hou rides a Cyr wheel

Isaac Hou spins and swirls, gracefully riding a Cyr wheel in the streets and abandoned buildings of Taiwan. Well known as a local street performer, juggler, and circus-style acrobat, fan videos of his performances hav...

Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah on a Glass Harp

Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah on a glass harp — crystal glasses filled with different amounts of water — played beautifully by a street musician in Prague. You can see and hear more of his work here an...

cdza’s Human Jukebox: A busking experiment for Wingspan Arts

Charles Yang on Violin, Michael Thurber on Bass, and Eddie Barbash on Alto Saxophone… together they are The Human Jukebox, a super-viral musical video experiment by cdza. In this experiment, they use donations ...

Tim Davies’ massive spider puppet

London-based artist Tim Davies built this massive spider puppet for street and carnival performances. The kid should definitely see this (though probably not at night).   via Neatorama. 

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