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Sounds of Survival: The quest to record an exquisite spike-thumb frog mating call

Deep in the emerald cloud forests of Cusuco National Park of Honduras, scientists are on a quest to record the never-before-heard call of the endangered “exquisite spike-thumb frog” (Plectrohyla exquisita). This charm...

Raising wood frogs, from eggs to tadpoles to adults in 7 weeks

See the development of wood frog (Lithobates sylvaticus) eggs, captured from a local Manitoba pond and filmed over the course of 49 days. Before releasing them back into the pond a few years ago, Doug Collicutt of Nat...

Sesame Workshop stop motion paper animations by Studio Nos

Created by Matthew Amonson and Jeremy Bronson of Studio Nos for Sesame Workshop, this film about an apple tree uses paper in a subtle and lovely way. They’ve created a few of these stop m...

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