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The SUSTAIN Lab’s Hurricane in a Box

Brian Haus watches as the still air stirs into over 150 mph winds. The flat turquoise water suddenly churns a series of endless crashing waves of white frothy foam. Thankfully, Haus does not have to actually weather t...

Demo of the FloWave Ocean Simulator & the AMOEBA wave pool

Filmed by The School of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh, this is the FloWave Ocean Simulator, a 2.4 million liter (634,013 gallon) controllable research pool for testing devices and prototypes in wa...

The dazzling fluorescent colors of corals under actinic lights

The kind of light that we see things in changes how we see those things. This reef tank is shot under actinic light, which will not only facilitate photosynthesis or stimulate light sensitive species, but also changes...

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