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Introducing the Dial Telephone, films from 1936 & 1954

Have you ever heard a dial tone or a busy signal? How did we call someone before speed dial and push-button telephones, but after people stopped needing to speak with a switchboard operator? Behold the rotary dial: ...

The Master Microfixer Teaching the World to Fix iPhones

Master Microfixer Jessa Jones repairs iPhones and iPads in ways that Apple doesn't: board-level micro-repair. Her background as a geneticist—"a field that involves the study of how really really tiny things built insi...

The 550,000 miles of undersea cables that power the internet

A planetary system of undersea cables stretches across oceans, seas, and around continents... 550,000 miles (885,139.2 kilometers) of fiber optic communications cables that power the internet and more. The first was l...

The Story of Light – Future Impossible by Bell Labs

This story begins with one little text message from New York to Shanghai, a trip that takes just 1/20th of a second. "That's the time it takes light to traverse 10,000 kilometers." And that's what happens millions and...

What’s an Engineer? + The Engineering Process – Crash Course Kids

In these two Crash Course Kids episodes, Sabrina Cruz explains how engineers design and build things to solve specific problems, like connecting two separate land masses with a bridge, or communicating with people who...

Phone Booth Aquariums (Evasion Urbaine)

Now that mobile phones are so central to our daily lives, how can the phone booth, an increasingly obsolete and disappearing public object, serve a new, more playful function? Here’s one idea: Phone Booth Aquar...

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