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The record-breaking tongue lashing of the chameleon

It’s no secret that chameleons possess remarkable tongues. Aristotle first described the breathtaking speed of chameleon tongue projection around 300 B.C. But the tongue lashings these lizards deliver to unsuspecting ...

Why Does Your Cat’s Tongue Feel Like Sandpaper?

If you've ever been licked by a cat, did their tongue feel scratchy like sandpaper? The scratchiness is caused by their keratin papillae, tiny claw-like spines on their tongue that help to clean their fur. Cats (Felis...

Opera singers sing during real-time MRI scans

Thanks to a team of researchers at the Freiburger Institute for Musician's Medicine, we get to watch this real-time MRI scan of baritone Michael Volle as he sings O Du, mein holder Abendstern (Oh thou, my fair evening...

Chameleons are Amazing – National Geographic

We've enjoyed quite a few chameleon videos, but this National Geographic video is not only full of fascinating information, it's visually stunning. From how they shoot their tongues like arrows to catch bugs, to how t...

Chameleon Tongue Attack in Slow Motion – Earth Unplugged

Chameleons are fascinating creatures for so many reasons: Their eye sight provides them with 360 degree vision, they can change color based on their moods and social needs, and their tongues are fast and powerful for ...

The Giant Anteater – Songs for Unusual Creatures

Giant Anteaters get in on the fun (and some yogurt) as Michael Hearst and PBS Digital Studios return with Songs for Unusual Creatures. Michael visits the Nashville Zoo and then composes a song...

SHAKE: dogs try to get dry in slow motion

Dogs try to get dry in SHAKE, a slow motion vid based on the photography of Carli Davidson. 

The Tube-Lipped Nectar Bat has a crazy-long tongue

The Tube-Lipped Nectar Bat and the flower of the plant species Centropogon Nigricans, both of Ecuador, are very unique. Why? Because without this specific bat to pollinate this specific flower...

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