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Cannon cloud collisions for Art & Inactivism

Two clouds rush toward each other and collide before dissipating in this installation by Mitchell F. Chan. Titled Something Something National Conversation (In 2 Characters Or Less), the crashing forms of water vapor ...

How to make a Crazy Pool Vortex – Physics Girl

Have a plate, a pool, and some food coloring? In this experiment, Physics Girl Dianna Cowern makes strange black circles form by briefly dragging a plate through the pool. On a sunny day in still water, those black ci...

Make an underwater vortex ring generator

Watch YouTube user Xraise Cornell create a homemade horizontal vortex ring generator. When a small burst of air is released into a toroidal or poloidal vortex — essentially a spinning donut of water — it s...

A diver makes underwater vortex rings that can knock over rocks

And here I thought this was just an animated gif, but no, via Daily Picks & Flicks, there’s a video of a diver making a bubble ring or vortex ring, above. A vortex ring is the phenomenon where a quantity...

How to make a homemade vortex cannon

Hello, homemade vortex cannon! Make a tightly closed box with a narrow round hole at the end, hit the sides of the box to compress the air inside, sending the air out with some force. Instant vortex ring! Watch mor...

Dolphins blowing bubble rings

Cetaceans, , blow bubble rings, fast-spinning rings of air that they appear to play with. We happened upon this video after watching a suggestion about toroidal vortices by @dulemba.  ...

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