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The World in UV

See The World in Ultraviolet, a similar but strange view compared to what our human eyes perceive in the visible spectrum. In this Veritasium video, Derek Muller explores how the ultraviolet makes eyeglasses, flowers,...

Scorpions of the Bay Area

"There are absolutely scorpions in the Bay Area, in fact, California is one of the most diverse places on Earth for scorpions. We have somewhere between four and six species of scorpions locally. The good thing is tha...

What Really Causes Sunburns?

Why does your skin turn red and peel when you get a sunburn? In this episode of Gross Science, Anna Rothschild explains what's going on in our skin when it burns from sun exposure.

The Science of Skin Color – TED Ed

When ultraviolet sunlight hits our skin, it affects each of us differently. Depending on skin color, it’ll take only minutes of exposure to turn one person beetroot-pink, while another requires hours to experience the...

Why Is The Sun Yellow and The Sky Blue? – MinutePhysics

Why is the sun yellow and the sky blue? Why can we see the stars at night? Why is space black? And why is the sky more red, orange, and even pink at sunset? In this Minute Physics episode, we leap into "the grand ball...

How the Sun Sees You: Revealing human skin in ultraviolet light

Artist Thomas Leveritt set up a ultraviolet camera and viewing monitor in Brooklyn's Prospect Park to show people what their skin looks like in ultraviolet light. This is "how the sun sees you." The revealed freckles ...

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