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Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter played on a glass harp in Italy

Listen to the glass harp stylings of a street performer in Venice, Italy playing Hedwig's Theme, the main theme song from the Harry Potter movie soundtracks. While touring the Italian city on vacation, Hashem Al-Ghail...

How to make a turquoise goblet

How did the Venetians make turquoise glass in the late 1400s? Find out as Bill Gudenrath, glass specialist at the Corning Museum of Glass, uses traditional glass blowing methods to create a replica of the extremely ra...

M-O-D-U-S in V-E-N-I-C-E, a tour of the city of canals

Take a frenetic tour of Venice, Italy, from the gondolas and boats moving from dock to dock, to the buildings that line the city's iconic canals, to the crowds of tourists in the streets and public squares, as well as...

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