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Notes on a Triangle (1966) by René Jodoin

From the National Film Board of Canada and director René Jodoin, this is Notes on a Triangle (1966), a ballet of three hundred geometric transformations, animated into divisions, alignments, and patterns. Waltz music ...

The Inverted Glass Harp

We love glass harps – instruments made from wine glasses that are filled with different amounts of water to create a series of desired pitches. In The Inverted Glass Harp, Dan Quinn shows us that empty glasses can als...

Space X’s Falcon 9 falls back to Earth to The Blue Danube

To the tune of Johann Strauss II's Blue Danube waltz, Space X's Falcon 9 falls majestically back to Earth in real time. Falcon 9 is a two-stage rocket that transports satellites into orbit, and powers the Dragon space...

A bagpipes & saw waltz: A música portuguesa a gostar dela própria

António Ribeiro & Rui Ribeiro perform Valsa de nome desconhecido on bagpipes and a musical saw. Their outdoors performance was filmed as a part of A música portuguesa a gostar dela própria, a project documenting and c...

Waltzing on the walls of Oakland’s City Hall

This incredible aerial performance by Bandaloop Founder and Artistic Director Amelia Rudolph and company dancer Roel Seeber showcases some perspective-shifting choreography on Oakland, California's 18-story City Hall....

The Dog Waltz

The Dog Waltz, written and performed by producer/composer Dani Rosenoer, and starring Bella the Dog.

The Astrid Waltz (with Chouchoutte)

The Astrid Waltz, a traditional Swedish diatonic waltz played on accordion by a woman who is also named Astrid. She is accompanied by Chouchoutte, who decided to sing. In the archives: more dogs and more accordions.

Around Saturn: The Cassini program’s incredible images animated

Selecting over 200,000 photos from Cassini–Huygens' eight years of image-taking, Fabio Di Donato animates Around Saturn to Jazz Suite No.2: VI. Waltz 2 by Dmitri Shostakovich. The Cassini program is an internationa...

Ken Yokochi plays Tama-Chan Snoa on accordion

Tokyo resident Ken Yokochi plays accordion. The song is Tama-Chan Snoa by Lars Hollmer. Some detail on how accordions work:  The instrument is played by compressing or expanding the bello...

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