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Kasey Golden’s seven watercolor tips for beginners

How do you paint with watercolors without showing the brush strokes? How do you make gradient colors? What kind of paper should you use? In this helpful video, watercolor illustrator and YouTuber Kasey Golden shares s...

Teeny Weeny Challenge – How Small Can I Draw?!

How small can you draw with a fine point pen, a magnifying glass, and some practice? Watercolor illustrator and YouTuber Kasey Golden finds out how small she can draw and paint in this 'Teeny Weeny Challenge.' She...

Crafting Cell Diagrams

Create your own cells with science enthusiast and STEM education advocate Ella K. Chan. In 2013, at the age of 12, she began sharing science activities for kids on her Sci Files YouTube channel. In this activity, she ...

White Out, an abstract watercolor animation by Jeff Scher

Animated from 2,250 watercolor paintings on a wide variety of paper, White Out is by painter and experimental filmmaker Jeff Scher, who writes: Snow is particularly joyful in how it transforms everything it covers...

Geronimo! What you might not see in a drop of water

Directed & animated in watercolors by Sharon Liu, Geronimo! is a brief glimpse into the "epic movement we miss in every drop."

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