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Why Dogs Have Floppy Ears, an animated tale

Why do some breeds of dogs have floppy ears? Charles Darwin asked this question in his 1868 book The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication. And it's not just the ears of dogs. The ears, snout lengths, fu...

Un albero un anno (One tree one year)

A “special” beech tree kept under observation for a whole year by a concealed eye, which never closes. Four seasons unfolding around a crossroad of smells, signals and messages left behind by the extraordinary wildlif...

Haruki Nakamura’s surprising paper karakuri animals

Japanese paper crafter Haruki Nakamura designs mechanical paper karakuri-style animals that peek and pop in surprising ways. Karakuri, meaning 'trick' or 'mechanism', are mechanical automata pieces that were first mad...

Vampire Bats: Bloodthirsty … and Cuddly – Skunk Bear

In this Skunk Bear episode, Adam Cole travels to 'bat paradise' (also known as the country of Panama) to meet with May Dixon and Dr. Gerry Carter of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. There he gets a close l...

Katie Melua’s Perfect World, a wintry adventure

From award-winning directors Karni and Saul, watch as a mother and child brave the winter landscape, facing fairy tale-like dangers, challenges, and magical snow slides together. The story is the background for Katie ...

Alla Kinda: Manolito’s Dream

From Barcelona animation studio Alla Kinda, journey into a subconscious world of hungry wolves and turnip-headed aliens in Manolito's Dream.

Bunnies and Wolves: An animal adventure in New York

Visit Ambika Conroy’s angora rabbit “Friendly Fur Farm” and the New York Wolf Conservation Center with Inhabitat's Jill Fehrenbacher and her 5 year old son Petey. In the ar...

Stop Motion Tissue Paper Animals

Made as a commercial for Japanese tissue paper company Nepia, watch Yuki Ariga’s Tissue Paper Animals. Now take a look behind-the-scenes at how the team put it together: Related watching: more stop motion,...

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