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Making hyperrealistic cat portraits with wool felt

Shining eyes, soft fur, serious faces. WakuNeco creates hyperrealistic cat portraits with needle felting, a process of interlocking wool fibers together with a barbed needle. The orange cat video above shares how the ...

How To Needle Felt a Fox

Needle felting can be a fun way to create small stuffed animals with different colors of wool yarn roving. Add some pipe cleaners, some small felt clothes, a few stitches for eyes and a nose, and some practice, you ca...

How woolly sweaters are made

It's time for the sheep to take off her woolly coat, so we can wash it, card it, spin it, knit it, and wear it! Enjoy this excellent video from The Magic of Making, a journey from sheep shearing to the sweater shop...

The Big Cloth (An Clò-Mòr): Weaving Harris Tweed

On the Island of Harris and Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, over 170 freelance weavers weave Harris Tweed. It's the only cloth protected by an Act of Parliament, the Harris Tweed Act 1993, which states that to ...

Bunnies and Wolves: An animal adventure in New York

Visit Ambika Conroy’s angora rabbit “Friendly Fur Farm” and the New York Wolf Conservation Center with Inhabitat's Jill Fehrenbacher and her 5 year old son Petey. In the ar...

Crocheting with English Angora Rabbit Wool

From YouTube user Josh Greene, how English Angora Wool — silky and soft wool from English Angora rabbits — can be dyed (with red Kool-Aid drink mix), spun, and crocheted at home. ...

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