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How balloons are made – The Magic of Making

How are balloons made? In this video from The Magic of Making, a series of short films for kids created in partnership with with BBC Worldwide, we begin with a history lesson about Kew Gardens and stolen rubber trees ...

How Maple Syrup is Made | Où se trouve: Garland Sugar Shack

Though the methods and technologies have modernized in recent years, four generations of the Garland family have made maple syrup from the trees on their century-old farm. Stereokroma visits the Garland Sugar Shack in...

Suckers for Sap – Science Friday

Maple trees + good timing + basic chemistry = maple syrup. But Science Friday takes us behind the scenes of maple syrup research to show that there’s much more to it than that. While the tr...

How do trees survive winter? – MinuteEarth

Fossil records tell us that about 250 million years ago, there wasn't a tree on Earth that was designed to survive temperatures below freezing. They were all built for life in the tropics where it's always warm, water...

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