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Attempting to create the world’s largest ice carousel

...Next, watch The Sound of Ice, Ice Drumming on Lake Baikal, flying over a herd of reindeer near Kautokeino, Norway, and more winter drone footage. h/t Kottke....

Yukino-otani, the huge snow walls of the Tateyama Snow Corridor

...of heavy snowfall. The spectacle of this attraction can be hard to see from above by drone, but flying over the route is still a beautiful sight. Though it...

The Iditarod from above and from the trail

...Alaska Railroad, which brought down seven train carloads of snow for the festivities. But hauling snow to someplace that wants it? “That’s unusual,” he said. Winter here is changing rapidly....

Icebreaker Boats: Breaking Ice on the Hudson River

The rivers surrounding New York City no longer freeze over completely –despite a lot of ice, water salinity and boat traffic keep the waterways open — but farther...

Fly over a herd of reindeer near Kautokeino, Norway

...Norwegian photographer Jan Helmer Olsen using a hexacopter drone. In the archives: get an up close look at a life with reindeer in this clip from Aatsinki: The Story...

Snow Circles: Beautiful snow patterns by Sonja Hinrichsen

These quilt-like Snow Circles by artist Sonja Hinrichsen were created in three hours with a team of five people in snow shoes. It was filmed by Cedar Beauregard, a local aerial photographer with a...

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