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The Kid Should See This

Andy Ruina’s 22-pound, four-legged bi-ped robot named Ranger

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After a friend tweeted about a research page full of passive motion robotics videos by Andy Ruina, Professor of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics at Cornell and of bicycle physics paper fame (SciFri video), I happened upon this 2008 video of Andy introducing his 22-pound, four-legged bi-ped robot named Ranger.

“The basic way this thing walks is that it falls down over and over again… this is walking as falling and catching yourself over and over again.” In 2011, Ranger did this for 40.5 miles — that’s 307.75 laps on a running track or 65km unassisted over almost 31 hours before it needed a battery recharge.

I love how not-human this bot looks. The kid should see this!

h/t @themexican.

Video replaced by the Cornell Ranger.

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