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Carving Godzilla out of solid wood

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Watch Godzilla emerge from a huge, rough chunk of mahogany wood in this 8.5-minute Woodart Vietnam video. The studio’s skilled artisans dedicated 25 days to the carving of this mythical beast.

Using chainsaws, they meticulously shape the initial form of Godzilla by chipping away the outer layers of wood.

carving the chunk of wood
As the chunk of wood takes on its new identity, smaller tools like chisels, carving knives, and various Dremel bits are used to add intricate details and textures. Another block of wood is seamlessly joined to form Godzilla’s tail, then the artisans sculpt the creature’s scaled skin and sharp teeth with precision.

skin texture
Woodart Vietnam is a wood carving studio in the Quang Nam province of Vietnam. Duy, the studio’s young founder, is a second generation carver who practiced his skills on anime character sculptures, a pop-culture theme that offered a contemporary twist on his family’s traditional work. With help from his business partner Celine, Duy and the studio’s artisans have cultivated an online following.

dust flying
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