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A rainbow dinosaur light painting filmed in real-time

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For over 15 years, Darren Pearson, aka DARIUSTWIN, has drawn with light by setting up a camera for long exposures and then visualizing the finished image as he draws in the air. His animations, hyper-lapse videos, and images have been seen by millions across social media channels, but he doesn’t often share behind-the-scenes, real-time videos of how these light paintings are made.

But at the request of his followers, Pearson uploaded a few real-time light painting videos on YouTube. Set to the sound of the waves, the video above records how he light painted a rainbow dinosaur on the beach.

Darren Pearson light painting on the beach
Hit play and don’t jump to the end; try watching the full two and a half minutes as performance art. Each movement forms invisible streaks of light from his imagination.

Here’s another light painted dinosaur, a T. rex in the forest:

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