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Dominoes and Fire

This friction and flame-filled domino video incorporates a series of tiny fire tricks into the chain reactions with the help of some matches, rubber bands, candles, sparklers, and strings. It was also both screenlinked and filmed in one long shot. Domino and kapla block builder Kaplamino writes:

To make this video more impressive I decided to create a big chain reaction in one shot with all the tricks that I found at the end… It was a great challenge because I didn’t build a lot of large projects like that (before this one, my biggest project in one try was in the middle of my random screen link video) and now I can understand the frustration of all machines builders because it failed about 20 times. It took me a full week to build it and make it work.

Perseverance! This vid can also be a good conversation starter for fire prevention and safety, and for using matches as tools. Be smart and safe.

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