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Hepatic Tanagers bring bright colors to bustling West Texas Feeder Cam

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There’s a lot of competition at any bird feeder, but this West Texas Feeder is absolutely bustling as a bunch of colorful birds compete for suet, a high-energy winter meal.

What birds do you see? As it turns out, those red and yellow birds are the same species. From Cornell Lab Bird Cams:

We’re shining the spotlight on a group of visiting Hepatic Tanagers in this clip from the West Texas Feeder Cam! These colorful birds occur in much of South and Central America and barely reach the southwestern U.S., where they are common but very little studied.”

Hepatic Tanagers
Hepatic Tanagers compete at the feeder

“Adult males are grayish brick-red above, reddish below, with a grayish ear patch. Adult females are olive yellow above, yellowish below, with a dusky ear patch. Juveniles are grayish olive above, buffy below, and lightly streaked overall. Immatures are similar to adult females but duller. All have dark bill and legs.”

female Hepatic Tanager
An acorn woodpecker and a blue Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay are also able to grab a bit of food.

Watch more birds at Cornell Lab Bird Cams on YouTube and Instagram.

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