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Mr. Cardinal Wants His Peanut

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An ambitious Northern Cardinal leans in for a close-up and a big un-shelled roasted peanut while on My Backyard Birding’s Florida-based birdcam. It’s a “very unusual behavior as their beaks are not designed to open that wide or for breaking open large shells. But I’m sure,” they continue, “in time he’ll get it open. No problem eating the little peanuts inside.”

A hungry blue jay, a squirrel, a pine siskin, a white-breasted nuthatch, and other eager birds also make an appearance.

gathering peanuts
In this more recent video, the Simple Platform Bird Feeder receives a lot of visits. My BackYard Birding explains that with a “2 foot or so long piece of 2 by 8, 10 or 12-inch pressure treated plank screwed down with a few wood screws on the deck rail and you have yourself a great little platform feeder.”

squirrel visit
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