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Paper Circuits Cubes

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Make a battery cube. Make an LED cube. Then make a cube with a switch and put them together. DIY Paper Circuits Cubes bring flat paper circuits into three dimensions, making it easy to experiment and learn in class or at home.

In this Brown Dog Gadgets video and DIY activity by Pete Prodoehl, these conductive tape-lined modular cubes combine with small ceramic magnets and zinc washers to light up LEDs, switch on fans, vibrate, buzz, and more.

cube chain
what you can use
Find all of the project notes and instructions here. Safety note: Tiny Batteries Pose Sizeable Risks for small children, as do neodymium magnets:

“Magnets and kids don’t always mix. While neodymium magnets are super strong they can be dangerous. We used ceramic magnets for this project, which provide plenty of pull.”

circuit cubes with a fan
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