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Seven calming minutes observing South American birds

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Take a seven-minute break to spend time with nature’s calming rhythms in South America. This video from BBC Earth‘s The Wild Place playlist features a variety of South American birds in flocks found from “high up in the sky to the deep forest floor, from the pampas grasslands to the Patagonian shores.” From the video:

“Watching images of nature has been shown to help our mental and physical well-being. So sit back, close your emails, and breathe…”

greater rheas
The video begins with the largest of all South American birds: The flightless Greater Rhea.

The robin-sized birds in the distant flock may be the Shiny Cowbird, “a year-round resident across most of South America, where it lives in open areas such as open forests and cultivated land.”

spot-winged wood quail
The small red-masked birds above are most likely the spot-winged wood quail, a “plump, terrestrial partridge-like bird with a short stout bill, red eye, chestnut crown, orange eyebrow, gray throat and belly, and mottled brown back.”

burrowing parakeets
Burrowing Parakeets make shelter in the sandstone cliffs of Patagonia, and Chilean Flamingos are “found at shallow lakes and lagoons from the high Andes to Patagonian steppe and even in coastal waters. ”

Chilean flamingos
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