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Where India’s Top Brass Get Their Instruments

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No Indian celebration is complete without a brass band. In the country of 1.3 billion people, there are at least 700,000 villages. And each village generally has two or three brass bands. But where do all of the trumpets, trombones and tubas come from? It turns out that 90 percent of the country’s brass bands get their instruments from one street—Jali Kothi Lane—in the city of Meerut. Along this quaint alley, you’ll find around 100 instrument makers. One of the most renowned is Nadir Ali and Company, a fourth generation instrument maker whose drums, cornets and trumpets have been setting international standards for quality since 1885.

Great Big Story goes to Meerut, India to see Where India’s Top Brass Get Their Instruments. It’s a quick peek at how these instruments are made before they’re shipped across India and all over the world. Plus, read more about Jali Kothi Lane in National Geographic.

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