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Disintegrating Flipbook by Andymation

How do you create a flipbook where the character is disintegrating? Add lots and lots of well-placed dots. This Disintegrating Flipbook animation tutorial from Laika stop-motion animator Andy Bailey of Andymation demo...

How to make a flipbook

Animation is made from a series of still images that, when played quickly in succession, create the illusion of movement. This is best illustrated in the pages of a flipbook, especially a flipbook that you've drawn yo...

Scott Blake’s Hole Punch Flipbooks

Do you have a hole punch around the house? In these two videos, artist Scott Blake demonstrates that flipbooks don't need to rely solely on drawn, painted, or printed pages. Enjoy these Hole Punch Flipbooks, two editi...

The World Cup Brazil 2014 Flip Books

These hand-drawn flip books animate the top three goals of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. File under flip books and sports. What will you animate in your flipbook?

Juan Fontanive‘s mechanical, looping flipbooks: Vivarium

Revisiting Juan Fontanive's mechanical, looping flipbooks: Vivarium. From the artist’s bio:  Juan Fontanive makes films without using light. Often recycling the mechanical parts of found...

Rainbow in Your Hand by Masashi Kawamura

This is Masashi Kawamura's Rainbow in Your Hand. In the archives: more flipbooks.

Una Giornata Perfetta (A Perfect Day)

From filmmaker Virgilio Villoresi, Una Giornata Perfetta (A Perfect Day), a stop-motion and rotoscope-driven music video for Italian singer/songwriter Vinicio Capossela. Though it was animated in 2009 by Vi...

Juan Fontanive’s mechanical flip books of hummingbirds

Artist Juan Fontanive's kinetic sculptures also happen to be beautifully illustrated, mechanical flip books. Above, Colibri, graphite and colored pencil on paper, stainless steel, delrin, motor, electronics. 2011. ...

A-Trak & Tommy Trash’s Tuna Melt

Toast slices as dominoes? Yes, please. This domino-driven Rube Goldberg-esque video may not be all in one shot — and maybe some of it is helped with some digital post-production? I’m looking at you, parach...

Paper engineer Matthew Shlian: Flipbook & paper installations

A flip book video by paper engineer, TEDx speaker, and artist Matt Shlian, who also makes paper sculptures and videos of his intricate flip books and small paper installations. A few favorites are here, here and (don...

Little Music Flipbook

Flipbooks (and making them) are little bits of magic.

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