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Hydrophytes, 4D-printed aquatic ‘plants’ for the future

Tentacles wiggle. Filaments expand. Tails spiral. Looking like coral polyps, sea pens, crustaceans, and other colorful aquatic lifeforms, these multi-material 3D printed 'plants' come alive. Triggered by air that's pu...

Dancing Paper, 8bit Harmonica, and Musical Umbrella by Ugoita

The next time we start folding origami cranes, we're going to be tempted to give them legs and little magnetic feet. This is Dancing Paper, a project by multimedia artist Ugoita. Watch as the cranes dance with synchro...

Sticky Actuator: Inflatable stick-on “pouch motors”

Here's an excellent idea for your DIY projects: Make sticky actuators! These particular actuators -- motors that convert energy into motion -- are small, inflatable pouches that are custom-printed in thermoplastic...

Harvard’s Soft Robot Walking and Crawling

This isn’t like the robots we usually feature. This robot is soft and “boneless,” so to speak, like a squid, or starfish, or worms. Created by researchers at Harvard, this ro...

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