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1,374 drones dancing over the City Wall of Xi’an, a Guinness World Records

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The world record for “most number of unmanned aerial vehicles airborne simultaneously” has been broken by Chinese aerial vehicle company EHang Egret during the rehearsal performance shown above. Their 1,374 quadcopter drones, all lit with colorful lights, needed to stay in the sky for at least one minute to qualify. The record was previously set by Intel and its 1,218 drones flown during the PyeongChang Olympics in February, 2018. From Gizmodo:

During the performance, the drones formed 16 different 3D images, ranging from the number 1374 (in honor of the 13.74-kilometer wall of Xi’an from which the drones took flight) and phrases like “Sprinting Xi’an.”

Ehang entertains audiences with all sorts of drone light shows. In the video below, they use 500 drones to create a ‘time tunnel’ and other pictures in the sky for the city’s Spring Festival.

Drone technology has advanced in six years: A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors.

Plus: Flying Robot Orchestra, SPARKED, a Cirque du Soleil drone performance, and a record-breaking firework ball explodes over Zurrieq, Malta.

via Boing Boing.

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