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Blue calico dyeing and batik printing with Li Ziqi

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Travel back in time with the planting, harvesting, dyeing, and artisan printing traditions that have been handed down through generations. In this calming two-part demonstration of blue calico dyeing and batik printing, popular Sichuan Province-based vlogger Li Ziqi 李子柒 handmakes clothing for her and her grandmother.

soaking the indigo plants
collecting the dye
Watch as Li Ziqi plants indigo seeds, harvests the plants, soaks and drains the leaves to extract the dye, readies the cloth, and then uses wax-resist techniques to create images and patterns across the fabrics. With some sewing, the clothing is completed.

Here’s part two:

creating patterns
batik dyeing

Li Ziqi‘s YouTube Channel depicts pastoral life in the mountains and forests of Northern China’s Pingwu County where she lives with her grandmother. Watch more Li Ziqi videos on TKSST.

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