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Blue Curry, an animated conversation about food and life

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Listen to a conversation between mother and child as they cook up some curry, a delicious Blue Curry made with onions, potatoes, carrots, turnips, tomatoes, turmeric, paprika, and some perspective.

talking about the earth
This Gobelins animation is about much more than how the flavors interact, how the heat makes it all sizzle, and how mixing is essential for helping it all come together. This story is a metaphorical celebration of the diversity of Earth, including our differences as humans.

“The greatest life lessons are learned through the simplest of experiences. When your kitchen turns into your biggest classroom… and Mom just serves you a plate of wisdom.”

appreciation of earth's gifts
mixing the ingredients
The animated short was created by Magali Dunyach, Chien-Ju Hung, Jimin Jung, Vajra Pancharia, and Léa Pietrzyk. More from Gobelins:

“The very first sparkle of this idea came from an Indian myth, in which the god Krishna, as a kid, comes to his mother with mud in his mouth. She forces him to spit it out, and when he opens his mouth, she sees the whole universe in it. This image gave us the will of treating our subject in a subtle and poetic tone, using visual metaphors. Since we met, we were often gathering around food, and this link between us made the idea of using the cooking process as a story structure. The curry embodies the vision of diversity, in a warm and sweet way. All of this served our wish to tell a multicultural story, that would be enriching, that would push parents to talk to their kids and kids to think about their identity.”

interacting with others
making the blue curry
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