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Can we track ocean plastic pollution from space?

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Bag, bottle, and straw have been left on the beach, but they won’t stay there long. The waves can easily carry them out into the ocean where they might endlessly float, sink to the seafloor, or be eaten by marine life. Any of these events cause damage to our ocean ecosystems. It can even happen when they’re left far from the beach.

plastic pollution
How can we stop marine litter? Refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle the plastics you use. And study what’s already happening with the plastic pollution in our seas.

reduce reuse recycle

The European Space Agency is “exploring how satellites can help us detect and reduce plastic pollution in the ocean. From spotting build-ups of marine litter to tracking ocean currents, satellites could be game-changing in tackling this enormous environmental problem.”

Watch Keeping an eye on ocean plastic pollution… from space, a forthright animation from the ESA Science Office.

tracking plastic accumulation from space
tracking plastic pollution from space
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