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Carving a toucan from a block of ice

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Canadian Ryan Cook is an experienced carver of both wood and ice. In this 1.5 minute time-lapse video, he documents his work during a quick carving competition at the High On Ice Winter Festival in Fort Saint John, British Columbia.

ice block
The bird was revealed from a single block of ice in just two hours. More from Cook’s festival bio:

“Ryan Cook has been chainsaw carving full time for the last 12 years. He began his carving career on the TV Show β€œSaw Dogs” by being cast as β€œthe Apprentice”; he was an actor who never carved a day in his life until that show. Ryan quickly found his passion for carving and then dedicated his life to the craft. After 3 years Ryan embarked on a professional career, winning many competitions.

“Ryan chainsaw carves full time out of Vancouver, BC and has been carving ice for the last 8 years. He now spends all year traveling and carving all over Canada and the world carving Wood & Ice.”

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