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Gardening & the science of food – PBS Kids’ What’s Good

How can science help grow better food, stronger communities, and smarter economies? Dr. Pancho McFarland, Chicago State University professor and food justice activist, is working with local neighborhoods to grow food. They use permaculture to garden in a former food desert, a part of a city where it’s hard to find fresh, healthy food.

“You observe nature, you figure out what nature is doing, and then you try to design your life, your space, around that. I’m gonna wanna work with nature, so that’s what we’re trying to do here. It’s going to be more abundant, more economical… It’s going to take care of itself. Every plant has a role to play. It’s just a matter of knowing what that role is.”

This is What’s Good, a new six-part video series from PBS Kids that connects everyday activities with simple lessons in science. In the video above and below, we also visit Plant Chicago, a business community, food center, and farmers market that’s teaching about sustainability, aquaponics, and how to create thriving circular economies:

Follow this video with Brooklyn’s Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, aeroponic vertical farming in Newark, and Urban Gardeners in Washinton DC Grow Crops in Spare Spaces.

Bonus: How Gardening at School Enables Interdisciplinary Learning.

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