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Made of Glass, an art lesson at the Speed Art Museum

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Glass art is full of contradictions. It’s strong and fragile. It’s smooth and sharp. It’s solid and liquid. When we look closely at glass, we learn to appreciate all the things that don’t fit into simple categories.

Join Darrick Wood, Gallery Teaching Manager at Speed Art Museum, as he observes glass, explores glass art, and dabbles in a few easy-to-find materials that have similar properties as glass. This is Made of Glass, episode six of the museum’s ‘I See I Think I Make’ video series.

glass and light (and a robot)
paper: strong and fragile
The 18-minute lesson visits the Collecting – A Love Story: Glass from the Adele and Leonard Leight Collection installation, and shares other objects in the museum.

glass bead moccasins
Check-in with the work of glass artist Ché Rhodes and learn how to create your own glass bead ring with Taleah Gipson.

making a glass bead ring
Find more interactive virtual tours of the Speed Art Museum in this ‘I See I Think I Make’ playlist.

Plus, explore the work of artist Joyce J. Scott and see more Native American moccasin beadwork at the Wyoming State Museum, via Google Arts and Culture.

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